Anonymus Notus kennel

My name is Gábor Mészáros. I live in Pázmándfalu, next to Pannonhalma. I am nature-minded, as long as I remember I deal with animals. I was working for long years in a zoo, veterinary clinic and as a volunteer in the nature protection.

I met with the first imported Hovawarts into the country in 1987, during my animal health specialist secondary school years. Among them an Eastern German (NDK) import male, QUENY V ELBFLORENZ won my sympathy. He was a cooperative dog with his owner who had confident behaviour and ethereal movements.

In the following years I tried to obtain more information about this German, family guard, sporty dog species. At this time, in the „Iron Curtain” era was not an easy task, because local literature was almost not-existent.

I joined to the kennel association in 1989 and bought the first Hovawart of my life. She was ALIZ GASPERHEGYI the daughter of my favourite male, I mentioned before.

Two years later, after successful exhibitions and competitions, I established the ANONYMUS KENNEL and the awaited first litter, was born from a Czechoslovakian mating.

After Alíz, my black and tan breeding female I had a blond coloured imported dog DIANA HIDVIG and later a black one, HEGYI GO-GO. Some years later, a new imported female arrived to my kennel, ANI RAKAREN.

Nowadays, I mainly work with personal bred dogs. Because I strive for quality during the breeding, I do not keep stud males. It gives the possibility to choose males who are matching the best by type to my females. I often make the studs in abroad, males with outstanding results and perfect ancestors. During the selection of breeding females I pay attention to the appearance and the balanced nervous system, the good behaviour, the healthy and solid-state body structure.

It is very important for me, that just the most excellent progenies be re-bred from the efficient parents, because this is the only way to save the species good properties. Without the perfect selection, some generations are enough to appear the undesirable properties and engage securely to the genetics. It would result, that the dogs would be unsuitable to do the tasks, what we would expect from them, what the species are originally have been bred.

During the education of my dogs I use second marker and positive reinforcement. These techniques are used long ago by the marine mammal trainers successfully, because it has a number of advantages over the conventional training techniques. It reached to the zoos, the dogs and horses world also with their assistance. During the education method I got a lot of help from Ágnes Sápi marine biologist and dolphin trainer, who worked with and got experiences many other species of animals as well.

I was a foundation member of the National Association of Hungarian Hovawart Kennel Club. My own Hovawart kennel was established with the name of ANONYMUS /unknown/ what supplemented with the name of NOTUS /notorious/ in order to the international protection. Based on my achievement in my kennel I got the bronze and silver wreath diploma. In 2008 as first in Hungary, I received the Master Breeder title.

The puppies what was born in my kennel are not only exhibition winners, actors in movies and commercials, loved members in families, but also founders or determinative breeds of well-known Hovawart kennels (Pusztai Pandur, Nice to see you, Plattensee-Wart, etc.), moreover their progenies forms the present-days broodstocks. Dogs who are wearing the name of Anonymus kennel can be found not only in Hungary but also in several European countries. Moreover, some dogs were sold to Turkey and to the USA from my kennel.

Since 2012 I share the work with the breeding and training with my friend János Milanovich.

If this species attracted your interests and would like to know more about us, please contact us and collect personal experiences about the dogs!

Gábor Mészáros