Anonymus Amicus kennel

My name is János Milanovich. I live in Győr with my wife and our two children. I grew up in a block of flats 7th floor. Already at that time I really wanted to have a dog, so fulfilling the conditions of my father I took care of the fishes in the aquarium. Of course, finally we bought a dog after we moved into a detached house with garden.
My father found the species of Hovawart in book about dogs in Germany. After that, we visited some breeders. We really liked Dastin vom Allemania and Ani Rakáren, so finally we choose this pairing.

During several visits we were sure about Gábor’s competence and commitment to this species of dogs, so in 2003 we bought Anonymus Rocky.

Afterwards, I was following the pairings in the Anonymus kennel and checked the litters. We often took part in exhibitions with Gábor, what formed a friendship between us. As a result, Anonymus Cédrus became our dog later.

I was living in Germany for several years, what gave me the possibility to make personal contacts on exhibitions with the breeders and dogs from the mother country of these species. The language skills I acquired, is a great help for me to keep in touch with the clients in the detailed technical discussions.

Of course, the most important for me beside preserve the health, is the good nervous system. A Hovawart has to be open-minded with people and dogs also. They have to be confident in each situation and have to have good prey instinct. They should be easy to motivate and enjoy the work with their owners.

It is really important for me to known that I can trust completely in the dog beside my children.

I did not want to break away from the name of Anonymus, so I gave the name of Anonymus Amicus /friend/ to my kennel, I established in 2013.

The breeding and training require a lot of energy, time and enormous experiences, so I rely on my friend Gábor Mészáros Master Breeder’s help.

If this species attracted your interests and would like to know more about us, please contact us and collect personal experiences about the dogs!

János Milanovich